Tokyo and today's quake

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Fri Mar 11 19:00:46 JST 2011

To our readers:

Our sincere thanks to those many people who have emailed to let us here in
Japan know that they are concerned about the Magnitude 8.8 earthquake here
earlier this afternoon.

Thankfully Tokyo was spared the worst and apart from a fuel depot fire, some
fallen masonry, some flooding, and limited injuries, the worst that happened
was shaking and rolling as the quake hit. Certainly very scary and a big
wake up call about how Tokyo has not yet had the "big one" that is predicted
sometime in the near future.

Our thoughts and wishes go out to the people caught up in the devastation
following the tsunami to hit Sendai about 300km further to the North.

Best regards,

Editors at Terrie's Take.
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