Terrie's Take Special -- What Name for Japan-bound Tourists?

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What Name for Japan-bound Tourists?

We don't usually reach out with special requests to Terrie's Take readers,
we respect that people are busy. However, it's August, and we do have a good
reason for asking your help.

As most readers will know, our sister publication, Metropolis magazine, is
well on the way to launching a major new tourism content portal for Japan,
in English. We have partners covering more than 30 prefectures already and
are adding more over the coming weeks until we have the whole country
covered. Content is being produced in high volume, we have a collaboration
contract with a certain major US search engine company, and the software is
being produced and will be beta-tested in September.

About the only thing not resolved yet is what we are going to call the

Therefore, we have with the help of our partners winnowed down a list of
more than 50 names to a final set of 5, and we’re now ready to have our
friends tell us which of these 5 names make the most sense. Our target is
English-speaking tourists looking to plan a trip to Japan, but we also need
something that Japanese tour operators, hotels, and transportation companies
would understand. Therefore, we are hoping to get at least several hundred
comments from both non-Japanese and Japanese, telling us what you think
would be most attractive to our target audience.

Survey is here:


We realize that some people may not like the top 5 names selected. If you
feel strongly we should be using something else, then please let us know in
the “Other” section, where you can enter your name of choice, or use the
“Comments” section to elaborate on what you think the site should be doing
to promote tourism to Japan.

The deadline for voting is Sunday midnight, August 21st, 2011. One visitor,
one vote please.

Thank you for your interest and support in our efforts to improve tourism to
Japan. We look forward to having a crowd-tested website name for this
exciting new project.

>From the online development team at Metropolis magazine, in conjunction with
our Regional Partners.


Tokyo, Japan

© Metropolis, August, 2011

* Questions to terrie at lincmedia.co.jp


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